Full Infinity Kurage Crisis Campaign Trailer Released! [Updated]

June 15, 2018 by dracs

A new online campaign for Infinity is on the way and Corvus Belli has now released the FULL trailer for the campaign which you can check out above. Watch out for more information next week!

Prologue Teaser

The trailer sees a Russian speaking Ariadne soldier reporting on enemy action at Novvy Cimmeria to his commanding officer.

With every major faction converging on the area, it seems this officer is not willing to sit idly by...

A full trailer is set to appear this Friday (June 15th), so be sure to keep an eye out as we find out more about the Kurage Crisis.

Infinity Brings Back The 80's

This isn't the only trailer Corvus Belli have produced though, as they have also decided to channel the 80's for a full TV style commercial.

The add is full of everything we know and love about 80's advertising, from cheesy synth tracks, to really really excited people who can't help saying WOW at the wonders presented to them.

Ah, it's great to see the 80's alive and well in this game set in humanity's far future.


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