Download The FREE Digital Rules For Wild West Exodus 3rd Edition!

December 1, 2021 by brennon

Warcradle Studios has now released the full digital rules for Wild West Exodus and the new edition of the game for free! You can download the Digital Rulebook and more for the game on the link down below and get up to speed with the tweaks and changes to the rules!

The Rules - Wild West Exodus

Download The 3rd Edition Rules // Wild West Exodus

Get Started With The Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set

The Rulebook comes in at a whopping 132 pages and offers up all of the information you need for building your force, playing the game and setting up your different scenarios. If you are a veteran of the game then this will be very handy for those getting their heads around the changes. It will also be perfect for newcomers looking to dive into the rules and learn all about the game before they decide on their Posse of choice.

Rulebook Contents - Wild West Exodus

Rulebook Contents // Wild West Exodus

As well as the rules for playing the game, they have also put together a great selection of lore and background on the different factions and how they fall into step with the growing Dystopian World.

The Dystopian Age - Wild West Exodus

The Dystopian Age // Wild West Exodus

You can learn all about the Union and the Enlightened which feature as part of the Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set and then go beyond! For example, I really like the look of the Warrior Nation and how the Outlaws fit into the smaller conflicts going on in this twisted version of the Wild West.

It should be noted that you can also access loads of extra content in their downloads section including...

FAQ & Errata

Special Rules References

Weapon Quality References

Base Size Guide

So, if you're wanting some quick and easy ways to get the information that you need, it's all there. You will also find that there is a full Factions section of the website where you can get all of the Unit Cards for all of the different groups you can play as.

Faction Cards - Wild West Exodus

Factions - Handbooks & Unit Cards

So, everything that you need to get going with the game (or update your collection) is available for you to check out for free online.

The Wild West Exodus Rules & Gubbins Set

If you're interested in picking up the rules in physical form then you can pick up the Third Edition Rules & Gubbins Set from the Wayland Games store which comes with the new rules, card decks, tokens, templates and more.

Third Edition Rules & Gubbins - Wild West Exodus

Third Edition Rules & Gubbins // Wild West Exodus

You can find out more about this set HERE and what it contains. It might be a nice upgrade once you've had a read of the digital contents and want to pick up a book that is easier to use at the tabletop.

Get Started & Get Involved!

If this has got you excited to try out the game and you've got some models on standby, make sure to get involved with the Global Gunslinger League!


Join The Global Gunslinger League

Download The Global Gunslinger League Guide

We have already had a load of people get involved from the community and beyond. You could win loads of miniatures just by starting a project and following along with the suggestions from Warcradle Studios over the six weeks of the campaign.

Are you going to be downloading the rules? Have you downloaded them already and skimmed through them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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"Have you downloaded them already and skimmed through them?"

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