Is This The End Of Games Workshop IP Lawsuits?

August 15, 2022 by warzan

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You will have to forgive the slight clickbait of the title as this thesis applies across the board when it comes to companies. But, as one of the staunchest defenders of their Intellectual Property, I think the topic of this potential existential risk will apply rapidly to behemoths such as Games Workshop, who are of course on the defence once again this time with Cults3D over STLs.


So what is this risk that could be so disruptive you ask? Simply put, I believe we are in one of the industries that will be at the vanguard of the huge changes ushered in by the latest crop of AI systems. And I believe one of the first casualties will be pretty much the entire concept of Intellectual Property and Copyright; as it applies to our industry at least.

Let me give you the scenario that is rapidly unfolding. We are, I would say, only twenty-four months away from a time when you can sit down at your computer at home and describe an idea in text format and the resulting AI system will in fact "sculpt" that idea into a 3D object in probably under ten minutes per iteration. That model will be yours and unique to you. Current legal trends will not allow AI to own IP but we will see where that goes. Either way, it doesn't matter.

Will you own the Intellectual Property of it - honestly who knows; but will Intellectual Property even matter then the way it does now? We are talking about a world where creative assets are generated in seconds and within a short period, there could be exponentially more uncopyrighted material of equal or higher quality available to us to use than all of the human creations from the beginning of civilization.

Why would anyone realistically steal an image, graphic or 3D model, when the systems are there to create them so rapidly? They only need your ability to describe what you are thinking of.

Testing The Waters...

The results of these systems will improve at rates we will struggle to comprehend, let me give you an example.

This image was rendered on 23rd of July 2022...


This is the same AI’s attempt twenty days later on the 12th of August 2022...


From this, we can already see significant improvement in its final render quality but AI is not only about placing the coloured pixels in an image, it also has to understand what it's being asked for.

On the 21st of July I asked the AI to create a picture of a Satan-type character in front of a 17th-Century church (for a project related to my English Civil War era Witch Hunter Army) - oh and by the WAY AI I would like it in the style of the Master Painter, Caravaggio!

The result…


Erm, let's just say it wasn’t going to make it into my Army book, and I can't imagine Caravaggio would have been too worried about his virtual competition. However, twenty-two days later I thought I would give it another spin to see what might happen.


Heads up! Our boy Caravaggio may well have sat up in his chair had he known a machine made of sand and iron just created this…

So my point is, the systems are saying to our industry…


With every passing second, they are learning and iterating and the researchers behind them are tuning and fine-tuning the final product.

If you want to see where we are in the 3D model space I highly recommend viewing this and subscribing to the 2 Minute Papers YouTube Channel:

Two Minute Papers

We can't stop it, the box is now open.

Where Do Things Go From Here?

How will this affect our industry and hobby? When the practical value of IP is literally falling apart before our very eyes and the only value will be in its rarity of origination? For example - we can all own a version of the Mona Lisa but only one will have any attributable value.

The Mona Lisa is one thing. I am not so certain we are going to be so worried about Marines from Space, Spaceships, Dragons and Orcs!

What will a future look like where one person working quietly at home can produce a gaming world with all the high-resolution fidelity that was the staple of the behemoths with art and design budgets of £100,000? In addition, doing it rapidly and continuously for as long as they choose to!

Is it just the tip of the iceberg? Down the road, technology will create Animations, Movies and VR worlds. The smarts of AI will find their way into our 3D printers so printing becomes easier, faster and with fewer failures.

The future is indeed fascinating...

"Why would anyone realistically steal an image, graphic or 3D model, when the systems are there to create them so rapidly?"

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"Is it just the tip of the iceberg? Down the road, technology will create Animations, Movies and VR worlds..."

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