Wild West Exodus Faction Chat: Outlaws!

February 23, 2015 by warzan

In our first faction chat for Wild West Exodus Warren and Sean from Outlaw Miniatures saddle up with the Outlaws, the anti-heroes of the WWX universe.

Wild West Exodus Faction Chat: Outlaw Billy the Kid

The Outlaws are a faction full of cool characters that will be your pal one minute then the next have a revolver pressed into your back demanding your valuables. They're never short of firepower and include iconic figures such as Billy the Kid and Jesse James, one of the lead characters in the WWX background.

Wild West Exodus Faction Chat: Outlaw Ironhide

Stay tuned throughout the week as we'll be having a look at each of the factions found in the world of Wild West Exodus.

Warren reckons this is a cool faction but what do you think?

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