Have You Added Your Project & Joined The OTT Global Gunslinger League?

November 16, 2021 by brennon

So the Global Gunslinger League has begun! OnTableTop and Warcradle Scenics are working on getting YOU into the world of Wild West Exodus using the two-player Starter Set, Showdown At Retribution and then going beyond!


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With the Week One videos in the mix (check the link to see them), we thought we'd have a look at some of the folks in the community who have been working on their miniatures.

TheHobbyLodge's Project

First up we're checking out TheHobbyLodge, also known as laughingboy, who has been going deeeeep into the Wild West Exodus Global Gunslinger League. He has done some fantastic work on th various units from the Showdown At Retribution box as you can see!

The Union #1 by thehobbylodge

The miniatures came to life in no time and I think they look fantastic. TheHobbyLodge has not just painted up The Union though, he has also done a sterling job on The Enlightened as well. If you were looking to try and get some of those an important achievements then this is an example to follow.

The Enlightened #1 by thehobbylodge

It is pretty awesome how different each of the factions in the box are, meaning they should cater to different crowds. So, if you're someone who has decided to split their copy of Showdown At Retribution, you should be able to work out who has which.

As well as painting up the two factions, TheHobbyLodge has also done some great work on building a tabletop fit for the game.

WWX Layout by thehobbylodge

If you want to see all of these miniatures in action then you can actually watch the Let's Play down below which shows off a game in full swing. Some great examples that you might want to follow if you're getting involved in the Global Gunslinger League.

It has been neat seeing someone get into the game from the ground up and enjoy the process of painting up that Starter Set. It will be intriguing to see how things go with the other five weeks of the league!

Elmir's Project

Next up, we're looking at someone who has been working away on all sorts of fun miniatures from Showdown At Retribution.

Carl Fredrickson by Elmir

Elmir, also known as Speed Demon Painting, has been working on some fantastic paint jobs for the various characters in the game. I was really impressed by the stubble work on the character above and the glow effect too.

If you're looking to knock someone out then you can't go too wrong when it comes to Union Belle. Another fantastic paint job which shows off beautiful blues and whites.

Belle by elmir

Much like with TheHobbyLodge, we also have some videos to check out. See what you make of this painting tutorial showing off how Nikolaï Tesla came to life.

It's neat to see that we have people putting together painting videos and gaming videos in equal measure. Hopefully, we get to see loads more from the community working away on bits and pieces from their collection over the next few weeks.

Benjammin1978's Project

This also turns my attention to the work by benjammin1978. They have been doing something a little different to get inspired for the Global Gunslinger League. They cracked out some of their old miniatures to paint up.

Classic Wild West Exodus #1 by benjammin1978

As you can see a lot of work has gone into the blue of the Union here but not much else! So, with the Union being one of the main focuses of the Showdown At Retribution box, it seems apt that they would be getting painted up right now.

Hopefully, these miniatures will find themselves hitting the tabletop soon alongside some of the newer miniatures. Perhaps this is a good way to spur yourself onto painting up some of your Wild West Exodus collection too?

Build & Paint Your Wild West Exodus Posse With Us

As well as joining us for the videos each week you’ll also be able to chart and record your own progress using our Project System, part of the OnTableTop website.


Take Part By Building Your Own Project!

The Project System allows you to upload photos of your miniatures, information on why and how you painted a particular scheme and even show off your Battle Reports! It’s a perfect way to keep track of your hobby!

When you create a project you will see a dropdown option called “Related Contest” click that and choose “Global Gunslinger League” from the dropdown list that appears to attach your project to the League.

All of this starts with the Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set which you can pick up right now!

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set - Wild West Exodus OCT

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set // Wild West Exodus

Grab the set and get a project started. We already have loads of influencers and community members doing just that so you're in good company!

Get involved and remember to share your work over on social media too! Use #GlobalGunslingerLeague and #OTTWWX to share your work and spread the word.

Which of the factions are you going to be starting with?

"Have You Built Your Project For The Global Gunslinger League?"

"Which Faction Have You Gone For?"

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