Did You Head to the Tabletop Nation Open Day?

August 13, 2012 by warzan

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This weekend Tabletop Nation opened its Pop-Up Store down in Hockley, England. Check out some pictures of just what it all looks like below!

If you're wondering just what a 'Pop Up Store' is, we'll its simply a temporary store and gaming space we have opened in another of the massive units, to allow gamers to start enjoying the benefits now, while we're building the final layouts of store, bar, restaurant, and gaming space next door!

Tabletop Nation - Pop Up Store #1

Tabletop Nation - Pop Up Store #2

Tabletop Nation - Pop Up Store #3

But it's not just the store that you can look forwards too with Tabletop Nation. We also have a great array of tables for you to wargame on, and some lucky souls got to do just that...

Tabletop Nation - Gaming Table

Tabletop Nation - Gaming Tables #1

Tabletop Nation - Gaming Tables #2

Tabletop Nation - Open Day Gaming

Because of the wealth in interest Tabletop Nation has fostered, this Pop-Up Store and Gaming Area is going to be open even as work still continues!

So what's on offer?

  • Fully functional and well stocked retail store, complete with credit card facilities
  • Terminal access to the Wayland Games webstore
  • Dedicated playing area for CCGs
  • Custom designed gaming tables for up to 80 players (depending on the game system), complete with brand new, high quality 28mm and 15mm terrain
  • Free Wifi
  • Drinks, confectionery, potato snacks and cake bars

Initially we will be open:

  • Wednesday from 5pm until midnight
  • Friday from 5pm until midnight
  • Saturday from 10.00am until 6pm
  • Sunday from 10.00am until 6pm

So even if you didn't make it to the event there are going to be plenty of opportunities to make your way down and enjoy yourself!

Tabletop Nation - Facebook

Wayland Games

Did you make it to the event last weekend?

What did you think?

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