Join The Wild West Exodus Global Gunslinger League!

December 8, 2021 by crew

Sign-up to join the Global Gunslinger League with us which will walk you through getting started in the world of Wild West Exodus. The Global Gunslinger League is your guide to Showdown At Retribution and building your full Posse!

Visit The Global Gunslinger League Sign-Up Page For More Information

Download Our Getting Started PDF Guide For The Global Gunslinger League

Throughout six weeks our Global Gunslinger League will guide you on how to build miniatures, paint miniatures with a colour scheme for both factions and construct army lists for the Union and the Enlightened which are the two factions included in the new Showdown At Retribution starter set.

Global Gunslinger League Schedule

Here is a breakdown of the videos you can expect and when they'll be hitting YouTube and OnTableTop.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Tune in on these dates at these times and you'll be able to follow along with your faction of choice! The videos introduce the new units and characters you'll be working on each week and you'll also find tips and tricks for using them in your games from the team at Warcradle Studios.

Build & Paint Your Wild West Exodus Posse With Us

As well as joining us for the videos each week you’ll also be able to chart and record your own progress using our Project System, part of the OnTableTop website.


Take Part By Building Your Own Project!

The Project System allows you to upload photos of your miniatures, information on why and how you painted a particular scheme and even show off your Battle Reports! It’s a perfect way to keep track of your hobby!

When you create a project you will see a dropdown option called “Related Contest” click that and choose “Global Gunslinger League” from the dropdown list that appears to attach your project to the League.

You Can Earn Achievements!

Creating a project also means that you can earn achievements! There are loads of them to collect over the six weeks of the Global Gunslinger League and beyond. If you want more details on the achievements check out the PDF!

All of this starts with the Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set which you can pick up right now!

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set - Wild West Exodus OCT

Showdown At Retribution Two-Player Starter Set // Wild West Exodus

Grab the set and get a project started. We already have loads of influencers and community members doing just that so you're in good company!

Make sure to check out the Sign-Up page where you'll find a breakdown of what you need to do to get involved and more information on the prizes we're going to be offering to those who take part.

Visit The Global Gunslinger League Sign Up Page For More Information

Download Our Getting Started PDF Guide For The Global Gunslinger League

Are you going to join us with the Union, the Enlightened or maybe even both?!

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