Sneak Peek Of Infinity’s New February Releases

January 21, 2019 by lancorz

The guys over at Corvus Belli are getting set with some sci fi action in the new February releases for Infinity the Game.

Sneek Peek For Infinity's New February Releases

First up we have Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative / Tunguska Jurisdictional Command / Nomads. Blister with one miniature. Mercenary unit with Airborne deployment, specialist feature and able to be part of a fireteam. Multi task soldier perfect for adapting to any army list.

YADU Troopers, Tactical Assault Team / ALEPH OperationS / ALEPH. Box of four miniatures. The most flexible and adaptable fireteam unit from the vedic ALEPH army. Plenty of different weapon options in this box.

Echo Bravo, Rapid Reaction Unit / Varuna Inmediate Reaction Division / PanOceania. Blister with two miniatures. The rank and file of the Varuna Division have an old nickname for Special Forces folk. ‘Snake eaters’, they call them. Snake eaters are a different animal, taking on more specialized, more dangerous gigs than regular troopers, but Echo-Bravos are a cut above the rest in terms of bravery. Their job is to haul ass to some critical spot to establish a position, contain a situation or fight off hostiles; but here’s the thing: being the first boots on the ground means no support. The Echo-Bravo Unit is the tip of PanOceania’s bullwhip: quick, loud and painful as all Hell.

Khawarijs / Ramah Taskforce / Haqqislam. Box of four miniatures. The military-religious brotherhood of Khawarijs, the “Red Turbans”, is a tough, audacious, light assault force that recruits its members individually and subjects them to Runihura (Destructor), a super-soldier program of intensive genetic enhancement.

Lastly the Daoying Operative Control Unit Hacker / Invincible Army / Yu Jing. Blister with one miniature. Specialist option with boarding shotgun for the latest Yu Jing sectorial army.

Which of these models are you planning to add to your forces?

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