UKGE 2023 – Game Publisher & Designer Track Guide

April 25, 2023 by dignity

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Gerry and Warren are joined in the studio by Tony from UKGE to have a chat about some of the events at this years Expo to help budding game designers get their games from their minds and down onto the tabletop through their partnership with Panda Game Manufacturing.

UK Games Expo // Designer Track

UKGE isn't just about playing games and buying games alongside Panda Game Manufacturing, UKGE has partnered with Playtest UK to bring you a dedicated Publisher-Designer Track offering Playtest tables, game design and marketing seminars and panels, networking events and opportunities for budding designers to pitch their ideas to publishers. They are also offering Publisher Designers FAQs and of course seminars and panels with a mainstream appeal in their seminar schedule.

Key Events:

  • Playtest Tables- Get feedback on your game design ideas from the visitors
  • Publisher Designer Speed Dating. Game designers give a 5-minute elevator pitch to potential publishers. Closed event, attended by invitation only after the application process.
  • Bootcamp. An intensive, four-hour dive into the development and presentation of your prototypes to publishers and the public, hosted by Alex Yeager. Closed event, attended by invitation only after the application process.
  • Designers Networking Event. For designers, publishers and other industry professionals.
  • Show Preview - See the new designs at this 2-3 hour preview of the show on the Thursday evening.
  • Gamedesign Masterclass - A crash course in the theory and practice of creating exciting boardgames and card games
  • Press and business zone. This is an area in Hall 1 NEC (Stand 1-492) where Media, Press, Publishers and Designers can meet.
  • Workshops and talks

If you are a designer with a project that you are ready to launch this may be the best way to get it in front of those in the know. Some places are limited or require a submission to be made by May 15th so the clock is ticking.

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