World Of Twilight Enters Final Few Days Of Kickstarter

March 27, 2014 by brennon

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World of Twilight: Travels through Anyaral by World of Twilight is entering the final few days of it's Kickstarter and the campaign has been going from strength to strength. It was funded within a matter of hours and since then has been busting through stretch goals...

World of Twilight

Travels through Anyaral takes you deep into an already fleshed out world filled with strange creatures and wonderous sights to behold. But, it might be better to have them tell you about that...

"Welcome to Anyaral, a world steeped in history, where the once mighty have fallen and their slaves are victorious - at least for now. A world which echoes with the countless gentle hoofsteps of the diminutive but resilient Fubarnii, whose Empire spans the continent of vast plains where traders and strange beasts roam ever watchful of the fast limbs and savage claws of the Devanu, that proud race who now scavenge on the edges of a world they once ruled. A world where others feel that now is the time to stake a claim. This is the world of Twilight."

...and of course it wouldn't be an awesome miniatures game without some great looking sculpts (click to take a closer look).

The Knights of Orelan

Devanu Outcasts

Plutom's Mechanical Infantry

The game itself has been worked on tirelessly for years already and so the new rules build on a steady foundation. The new book will develop the factions and work on bringing more and more of the world to life.

The rules...

  • The rules allow you to play skirmish scale games with a handful of models in less than an hour, but you can also scale up to larger battles if you've got an entire evening to spare.
  • Turn order is controlled by drawing initiative counters from a bag, and it becomes important to have the right command structures in place to make the most of when you have a chance to activate your troops.
  • Combat is determined using special combat stones. Both sides secretly select what balance of aggressive or defensive stones they wish to use, then cast simultaneously to see what happens. This leads to plenty of difficult decisions and tension as you try to guess your opponent's tactics!

Starter Forces

As well as the above starter forces you can also get your hands on a whole range of variations on the above and if they hit the very top goal on their stretch targets then you'll have access to great additional play material.

The game itself looks very original and considering a lot of people have been talking about their want to see something new and different on the tabletop I don't think you can go far wrong with something like this.

Have you pledged or indeed played this game?

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