Battle Foam and Battlefront Bring WW2 Safely Packed to You

April 12, 2012 by dracs

Battle Foam and Battlefront Miniatures (the guys behind Flames of War) are proud to announce that they will be expanding their long running partnership!

Battle Foam - Flames of War Kit Bag

Up until now Battle Foam kit bag has been a "single bag with a fixed assortment of foam." But this shall no longer be as the new expansion of their partnership will allow Battle Foam to ship these bags directly to gamers and stores directly, with a far greater degree of customisation from the cut out of the foam to badges and names tags.

Here's what changes Battlefront say we can expect to see:

  • Full range of foam now available to customers and retailers.
  • Custom Loaded Army Kit Bags for each and every army.
  • More foam trays releasing in 2012.
  • Quick and accurate distribution to all markets via our Battle Foam trade sales team.
  • A full range of army patches along with custom name tapes on demand.
  • More Custom Army Toppers that can be added to any bag order.
  • 3 ways to order your bag. Empty, Standard, and Fully Custom.
  • US and UK distribution for all retailers worldwide.
  • Great rates on foam and load outs previously unavailable.

Battle Foam - Kit Bag Foam

Basically you will now be able to get your Battle Foam bags tailored specifically for your Flames of War armies, all the better to deliver your forces safely to the battle field.

Will any of you be taking advantage of these new changes?

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