Flames Of War D-Day German Pre-Orders Now Available

August 16, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures are expanding upon the options available for the Germans now. If you're looking to take control of the Axis power then you'll soon be able to dive right into a massive D-Day German release schedule which runs through September into late October.

D-Day German Book - Flames Of War

The main focal point is the book which offers up lots of options for your German army. This book focuses on the forces that would have been fighting on the beaches, trying to hold off the Allied advance, and of course the German forces deeper into Normandy and France who had occupied the country for many years.

Tanks & Troops

Of course, this means lots of new collections for you to delve into. If you're a fan of tanks then, of course, you'll have the Tiger Tank Platoon...

Tiger Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

...and a favourite of Warren's from World War II, the StuG Assault Gun Platoon. A lot of these new options for the Germans are made in plastic which is good to know and will be a good bolter to the German offering in the Hit The Beach set which popped up a few months ago.

StuG Assault Gun Platoon - Flames Of War

In addition to all of the tanks, there's also an interesting twist towards the Fallschirmjager with these early releases. These well-trained soldiers mean you'll have a good core of infantry in your force, ready to take and hold objectives.

Fallschirmjager Company - Flames Of War

This is the larger company element that is available although you will also be able to pick up smaller sections of this force. You will no doubt be packing farmhouses and all sorts with Germans, ready to ambush the Allies when they roll into town.

You can also get some neat artillery elements too like the 8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon. You will need these for trying to hold back the Allied invasion, hopefully scattering their fast-moving forces as they push further inland.

88cm Heavy AA Platoon - Flames Of War

There are a lot of new options coming your way for the Germans over the next couple of months. If you're interested in seeing what else is on the cards make sure to check out the Pre-Order Page.

Are you going to be delving into a German army for Flames Of War?

"...there's also an interesting twist towards the Fallschirmjager with these early releases"

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