More German Panzer Tanks Roll Into Flames Of War

November 6, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have a few more interesting armoured options for the Germans to use in Operation Barbarossa. See what you think of the Panzer IV, Flammpanzer II and Panzer 38...

Panzer IV

Flammpanzer II

Panzer 38

Some really cool looking tanks (in order top to bottom) that serve some different roles on the battlefield. The Panzer IV is an updated sculpt and has some nifty rules including Protected Ammo meaning they can re-roll Motivation Tests to dive back into their tank.

The Flammpanzer is, as you might imagine, quite a cool tank in that it lets out a gout of flame at your enemies from its mounted flamethrower. I wouldn't want to be infantry when you come up against one of these and buildings are certainly not safe.

Last but not least is the Panzer 38 which has been Uparmoured for the battlefield. Apparently these tanks were made by the Czechs and after fighting in Poland had to be rapidly uparmoured to prevent them being blown up.

Will you get some more Panzers?

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