The Jordanian’s Get Kitted Out For Flames Of War

January 8, 2015 by brennon

There's more Fate of a Nation coming your way from Battlefront this January for Flames of War with a M40 106mm Recoilless Team, Heavy Mortar Platoon, Artillery HQ & Crew, and Jordanian Command Teams...

M40 106mm Recoilless

Heavy Mortar Platoon

Artillery HQ & Crew

Jordanian Command Teams

Once again there's some big guns ready to rain down some artillery on the enemy and those Recoilless Rifles will be pounding a hole in tanks across the field. While I'm still not entirely sure whether or not I like the 15mm infantry from Battlefront for Flames of War I do like what they do with tanks and big guns like these.

Do you need more Fate of a Nation miniatures to bulk out your collection?

Could it soon be time to see Battlefront take on real modern combat?