Machineguns & Mortars Come Your Way For Fate Of A Nation

December 18, 2014 by brennon

Battlefront has unloaded another bunch of weapons on you for Fate of a Nation and Flames of War this December. See what you think of the Ch'ir Weapons Platoon, Tzanhanim Machinegun Platoon and Ch'ir Mortar Platoon...

Ch'ir Weapons Platoon

Tzanhanim Machinegun Platoon

Ch'ir Mortar Platoon

If you're looking to lay down a bit more fire on your enemies from a commanding area of the battlefield then this fits right into the style of fighting that we learned about in the last piece on Fate of a Nation.

I think it's also just good practice to have plenty of Mortars and Machineguns to throw at your enemies.

Are these going to appear in your army?