Private Screening – Interested?

May 14, 2014 by warzan

Now that things are settling, we are starting to make some progress on new shows etc

We would like to 'now and again' run a private screening of an episode etc, just to check our sanity and get some feedback etc.

We will be bringing back Flames of War For the Win soon (with me and the mighty @lafayette , and would like to run an episode past a few volunteers in a private screening.

To get involved post below and we'll pick some takers (probably at random).

Please note you need to be a backstage member to be able to access the area where private screenings will take place.

Our plan is to do things like this from time to time, so if FOWFTW is not your cup of tea, keep checking back as you may well be interested in the next one!

Post below if your interested! 🙂

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