Spitfires, Gurkhas & More For Flames Of War!

March 27, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War is showing off a whole bunch of previews for the middle of April. See what you can get your hands on around April 5th including planes, specialists and tanks!

Spitfire IX

First up we have one of the iconic planes from World War II, the Spitfire. I was lucky enough to have a Grandfather who worked on these as well as the Lancaster Bombers and Hurricanes and he said they were some of the most brilliant machines he had ever seen. It's quite the deadly weapon of war.

Gurkha Rifle Platoon

Firefly IC

Next up we dive into the world of ground troops with the addition of Gurkhas and the Firefly IC. Both of these sets are useful for re-enacting the different conflicts that were fought in Italy. Of course we all know of the Gurkhas and their amazing battlefield abilities. They truly were one of our greatest assets.

Private Ernest 'Smokey' Smith

Staghound III Turrets

You can also get both of these packs as special orders. The first is Private Ernest 'Smokey' Smith and the second is a Staghound III Turret. To quote the website...

"Ernest Alvia ‘Smokey’ Smith had the unique distinction being the only private soldier to earn the Victoria Cross in the Second World War."

...and the Staghound Turret is used for making sure your armoured cars have got a bit more firepower!

What do you think of April's offerings?