Wrap Up Warm With Greatcoat Infantry For Flames Of War

October 24, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have more for you today when it comes to the fighting for Barbarossa during World War II. This time around it's German infantry all clad in thick greatcoats to keep out the cold!

Infanterie Platoon (Greatcoat)

HMG Platoon (Greatcoat)

Mortar Platoon (Greatcoat)

We start with the Infanterie, HMG and Mortar Platoons for the Germans that look very deadly when garbed up in their winter clothes. I love the look of the greatcoats on the soldiers, I think it gives them a whole new level of character. As you can see there is a mass of infantry to pick from and each Platoon is chock-a-block with soldiers.

Anti-tank Crews (Greatcoat)

Artillery Crews (Greatcoat)

Anti-tank Rifle Team (Greatcoat)

Light Mortar Team (Greatcoat)

There are also some more specialised teams you can pick up from the Anti-Tank Crews to the Artillery Crews, Anti-Tank Rifle Team, and Light Mortar Team. Each of these will have a different use on the battlefield and away from that I think this host of infantry is looking really good.

There's less of the big head syndrome that we've seen from other infantry in the Flames of War range and it genuinely looks more detailed too despite being clad all over in winter clothing.

What do you think?

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