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10mm Fantasy 2 Player Starter Set

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    Do you want to get into 10mm Kings of War or Warmaster?


    Richard @terrain_creator is now selling 2 player starter sets containing Forest Dragon 3d minis and  3Dlayeredscenery Leichheim buding line of models both licensed. Check his Etsy store


    A neat idea for those interested, but who don’t have access to 3d printing facilities.


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    Not only that but those prices are quite a bit higher than I think most people would be willing to pay for the amount of stuff you get.

    Almost everything there will fit on a single build plate as far as the minis go and the resin cost would be minimal, 10mm stuff prints off in absolutely no time as well.

    I do see there are some cards and other things included but imo that is very expensive.


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    The concept is pretty good.
    Pick a generic system, create two decent armies, add a few essentials and *poof* instant starter set for a new hobby.

    It’s not cheap, but the guy has got to make a living (or at least get a return on investment) somehow (never mind the time or the fact that he’s not doing a lot of volume).

    It doesn’t list if these armies are his own design or if he has a commercial license that allows him to print them at will.
    Neither are there any details of what forces one could expect, which I definitely would want to know before spending that kind of cash.

    His other listings aren’t exactly great quality … so I kind of hope that he’s gotten better gear.




    Thanks  for your feed back all.

    I’m fairly certain the prices have been edited. I think £90 isnt bad there is a lot of stuff in there.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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