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Achtung Cthulhu 2d20

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    I missed out on the kickstarter, but did pick up the Achtung Cthulhu Investigators and Keepers Book.

    I loved the art style and I’m a sucker for pulpy games where you kill nazis. Throw in some Cthulhu mythos and I figured it would be great.

    Unfortunately… I was playing it with Cthulhu rules and the first adventure went very badly when a half track opened fire… it was gruesome… critical hit with a heavy machine gun and a lot more bullets hit the poor soldier… he had more lead in him that a 1980’s metal mini.

    The rules did include a Savage Worlds variant, but at the time I was not keen on the system, so the game was shelved.

    Modiphius are releasing a 2d20 version and have released a free quickstart adventure which looks pretty good. The 2d20 in Conan and Infinity was overly complex in my opinion, but over the years they have streamlined it.

    So if you’re interested in more information…

    Where you can get the Quickstart too, but it’s also at…



    I’d say the complexity came with far too many splat books that felt the ‘need’  to add more skills.
    Conan definitely had several that could have been done in a bigger book, because there wasn’t any real content for some of the subjects.



    I agree. I had the basic pledge with the 3 player handbooks. so many pdfs released over the years and they were of minimal use really.

    Same with Infinity rpg.



    Modiphius are amongst the worst for this kind of KS sadly. Lot of splat books, few of them much good. I backed the original A!C KS because the setting looked great and the art style was lovely. The two rulesets in one book did cause a bit of an identity crisis for them. I love Savage Worlds and ran one or two adventures with it but I’ve dipped into it more recently with Call of Cthulhu 7th ed (and they’ve released a ported over version for free to previous backers). It is a system that leans a little more into the pulp side with roll pushing and luck spending mechanics but still feels more horrific. I just do the conversion work myself most of the time.

    I played the 2d20 system with Infinity and Star Trek. It’s okay but nothing much to write home about.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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