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Alternatives to standard Grey Knight models

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    The other day I had the idea to do a Grey Knights kill team as a break from my main and large projects, and also because out of one box you can get a perfectly reasonable force. It would also add something different to our gameplay.

    I knew that the models are dated, but when I went to look at them online I realised quite how dated they were and that they just don’t fit into what models I have. The shorter legs mainly, but also the awkward looking stormbolters aren’t great.

    I know that kit bashing Grey Knight heads/weapons with Stormcast bodies is a thing, can look great, but at the very least would double the cost and involve quite a lot of work out of proportion to the original idea. Just having larger lower bodies would be a start, but again involve at least another Primaris Intercessor box.

    Has anybody done good conversions? Or know of reasonably appropriate 3rd party bits that could be used to upgrade the Strike Squad box? On first glance didn’t seem to offer anything useful.



    Thanks @stubbybrush . How embarrassing that I completely forgot Kormlech as I have some spare legs here. Some how I have them in my mind as mainly for Orky things. Looking at their website now some of their newer Primaris sized bodies might work well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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