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An OTT Group Holiday or Road Trip?

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    I’m feeling pretty deflated today having heard of the passing of two Community Members @jmaeta and @recon63.

    And as I am sitting here I wanted to float an idea with you guys for some discussion. And its just an idea nothing concrete – but I’m in a bit of a life’s too short kind of a mood.

    Would it be of interest to any of you guys to go on a group roadtrip/holiday next summer?

    Where? – I don’t know – We could do Ireland or Perhaps Scotland or maybe we could look at Greece? Would be cool to take in some historical goodness though?

    When? – Dunno – how about August 2023


    Who? – Any of you, and your families and companions.

    How Much? – Lets try to keep it as affordable as possible – and look carefully at our options for transport etc (Would there be enough of us to charter a bus for example?

    Why? – Because life is really too short and I miss a bunch of you dudes and dudettes very much.

    Any thoughts?


    Sounds like a good idea…though we haven’t been back to China since 2019 because of the Covid situation. So if things have returned to normal by then that’s what we’ll be doing next year to see family.


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    I love the idea of an OTT summer holiday, and would be very keen to participate, I have been wanting to attend a bootcamp, but what with Covid and waiting for one that reflects my hobby interests I have not managed it yet and this sounds like a great alternative.


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    Hope your hanging in there @warzan, very sad news indeed for the community.

    However that sounds like a bloody awesome idea! My calendar has a whole load of nothing for August 2023!

    CoG Convoy?



    That would be kind of cool.
    I’ve been thinking about going on a short holiday to visit a few wargaming related shops (Warhammer World?) & museums (I hear Bovington is cool ;)) in the UK, but I haven’t decided what/when yet and as you say life is indeed too short.

    I bet that as a group sponsored by OTT/Wayland Games one could have opportunities that wouldn’t be available or possible to individuals. Something similar in duration to the bootcamps would be great.


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    It’s not nice when members pass on,  it’s like we’ve lost a family member who can never be replaced. Game On @recon63 and @jmaeta, and may your God join in.

    I’m game @warzan, if it goes a head I would say do Ireland first mate. Call it a test run, and if its a success then future ones should fall in to place. As you’ve said, life’s to short and I should know as i’m 61 next month.

    So for the first road trip, my vote goes for Ireland.


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    Interested subject to finanancial status with current enegy costs, not sure how much spare cash if any I will have by next yeat .



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    @warzan – if you are looking for inspiration, have a look at Geek Nation Tours – they have a tour of Arenas of Blood Spartacus and the Gladiators of Ancient Rome.

    As part of the tour, participants get copies of the following titles from Osprey Publishing: Gladiators 100 BC – AD 200 by Stephen Wisdom, Spartacus and the Slave War 73 – 71 BC by Nic Fields, and The Gladius by M.C. Bishop.

    They have other tours past that might be closer to what you have in mind, which they have detailed on their website.


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    Don’t see how you could beat Millisle for a week with the added bonus of hitting Donaghadee for a day trip to the Copeland Islands.


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    @warzan If only i still lived in Germany id be on this like white on rice!

    I am coming to Coleraine though this Christmas and would love to get together with anyone that is free for a day of gaming and maybe chow afterwards at a local pub.


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    A tad harder for me to say yes to but colour me interested if I had enough time to put money aside given Id have some rather expensive flights to pay for.


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    Now there is an Idea. From Warzan to Warzone. A tour from HQ to the sleepy Cork Kerry border. Stopping at the little independents on the way. And yes Kerry has an escape airport.


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    Just think of the mischief a coachload of OTTers could get up to – sounds amazing!


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    This is extremely sad to hear @warzan it is never nice to hear about losing people from the community and it certainly makes you think how short time is. Thoughts with the families and everyone that knew them… it honestly sucks.

    I would certainly be up for something, I know we not talking BootCamp but certainly, they have been missed for the last 3 years so any type of get-together is most welcome and you can certainly count me in.

    Wish everyone well.



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    I love the idea of it. Although I can’t be sure I can make it with family commitments.


    Sad to hear about the community members passing on.

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