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an unhealthy amount of Tanks!

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    Somehow every year I stumbled across some 15mm tanks which I then paint and which messed up my project deadlines.

    This time however I decided to do the time consuming part of blending for the colour modulation/ panel highlight with airbrush to avoid this problem and finally get some s€&t done.

    A friend of mine asked me if I would play Tanks! and Tanks! the modern age for some tanky skirmish action. He argued we can use our Flames of War vehicles we already own … ha good one.

    So for Tanks I decided to go with a some crappy little german tanks and got myself 5 PSC Panzer III (early) tanks. I always wanted to paint gray tanks.

    For Tanks! modern age the fractions don’t attract me at all so I went with an Israeli starter from Team Yankee and probably will play them with US stats.

    And here they are painted in mo time. Not the most perfect paintjob but it was fast and effective.

    Early Germans:


    And Israeli Merkava 2 and Cobras:




    I think they look good and will even do for nice little skirmish 🙂


    Well done!


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    @miniaturebrushwork this is not an unhealthy amount of tanks. I was expecting a few hordes of T34’s …  😀

    Those israeli tanks look pretty futuristic. What did you use for antennas ?



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    Never let John hear you say such a blasphemous statement.

    The only thing better than many tanks is more tanks.

    Great work on the tanks.



    @limburger those are cat whiskers, imo the perfect antennas for tanks.


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    Yes cat whiskers are great as antenna for vehicles.


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    Nice job on those tanks!


    Love the Merkava 2’s.  I have a love affair for the Israeli Army.


    I’d like to duplicate your antennas but alas I don’t own a cat!  ??


    Cult of Games Member

    So finally a good reason to own a cat ? 😉




    thanks. Yeah the Merkava tanks looks really great and unique. Maybe I expand this force for Team Yankee





    Pretty sure that any number of tanks = perfectly reasonable number of tanks. Really like the look of the Israeli stuff in particular.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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