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Archon Rampart Eternal Cathedral

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    I was lucky enough to win this box set as a prize on OTT 🙂 The box arrived today and my initial thoughts are;

    Bloody hell it is heavy plastic

    The box is packed full to the brim

    This is probably aimed at 28mm gamers (WH40k etc.) but if you leave aside the steps, ladders and some of the statues this would not look out of place for 15mm or 20mm historical games.

    It is going to take ages to clip all the parts off the sprue and clean them up. Lucky I have nothing better to do right now 🙂



    I would never support another Archon project. I’m now the owner of five sets of the cathedral and five of the Mayan temple. They sent me the Mayan stuff by mistake and wanted me to pay to ship it back, which would have cost over $100 CAD! It was easier to just pay $50 more and keep the Mayan temple sets. Thus far I have spent over $400 on shipping and product, and I still don’t have what I want… but I’ve given up (I wanted one ruin set, and four intact sets, but got five ruin sets). Archon couldn’t run a bath.

    As for the sets themselves, they are quite nice, but take forever to get off the sprues, and to get the pieces cleaned up. Some of the connections are right on an architectural element, and must be pared away carefully. Who does that?



    Yes, some of the sprue gates are oddly placed. As I got this for free i’m not going to complain, but I feel your pain having spent your own money on this. Scale wise I would say that they are a bit too small for 28mm but great for 15 or 20mm.



    The Rampart KS was a pretty big step for Archon into new territory.   They purchased all the CNC machines, I think, with the proceeds from that KS.  So the molds where all made in house.  Which is why some of the sprues don’t have perfect placement in regards to some gates.  It just comes down to lack of experience and learning a new trade.

    My shipping took a little longer then expected, if memory serves, but everything I ordered arrived in great condition.  I wasn’t missing anything and I even ended up with more then I ordered.    The price was seriously really good for the shear amount of plastic you got.  I don’t know what it retails for, but its a lot of heavy duty plastic.

    Archon did have a lot of mistakes during the first rampart KS, which I believe the corrected nearly all of them… eventually.  They are not speedy, so that just has to be something you need to know.  Also, I haven’t been on that comment section in awhile, so I don’t know if they got to every ones problems or not.

    I do know they seemed to have learned, the second Rampart KS for the cobalt set is running really smoothly and on track.  It was a no brainer for me to back, givin my positive experience.  But I can understand how others would hesitate.  KS is always like that.



    I was interested but there wasn’t a lot of info on the heights of the individual components nor, really from the website how to order the stuff. I’d like some tall wall elements but it just wasn’t clear.


    That said, I could just be an ood codger with too little patience.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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