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Asmodee digital boardgames, dragonlock 3Dprintables in humble bundle

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    I thought maybe someone here on the forums might be interested in these: currently has a bundle with a bunch of excellent boardgames in digital format.

    Such as Twilight Struggle (the one @warzan always is banging on about?) Gloom and Love Letter (The one @dignity always is baning on about?) and some unknown ticket to ride something or other.

    I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    Add some more currency to include Carcassonne, Pandemic and whatnot, add even more to bag Scythe and Pathfinder Adventures.

    in digital format though, on Steam.

    they also have another bundle going with a metric butt-ton of 3D-printable fantasy fare from Dragonlock. Monsters! Dungeon Tiles! lots and lots of -stl files for 15 bucks.


    I am not affiliated with, just a punter that gets the newletters.

    I have some Dragonlock-stuff from before, they deliver good quality , easy to print .stl files.




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