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Astrahys wave two is now on KICKSTARTER

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    Hello everyone, I’m announcing the second Kickstarter campaign for Astrahys.

    Astrahys is a skirmish miniature game taking place in a mediaeval fantasy world.

    Wave 2 introduce two new factions : humans of Asterios and the spirits of Okolnir. Those two factions are gathered in a two players box composed of 4 angels miniatures and 4 spirits miniatures as well as their profile and special rules cards. You’ll also find six 6-sided dice, 1 10-sided die, 5 new event cards, templates, 3 sceneries, a paper play mat (60cm per 60cm) and plenty of pawns.

    Astrahys is an easy and violent game in which you have to spread your actions between the models of your army to crush your opponent. The actions generated by your models are combined in a shared pool, you’ll have to allocate them at best to make decisive actions and use bonuses that will lead you to victory. Tactical choices and anticipation are therefore extremely important. A strategy mistake can be deadly and change the course of the game.

    Spirits of Okolnir

    Capture d’écran 2018-10-22 à 08.14.07

    Angels of Asterios

    Capture d’écran 2018-10-22 à 08.14.21

    Every turn, a random event will force players to adapt and this will increase relay value. There are also battle cards that are objective to accomplish to win the battle.

    About MedFan Games and Astrahys ?

    Astrahys wave 1 have been 120% financed and deliver in the estimated delivery time by the company.

    Astrahys wave 2 will follow the same logic. Our obligations towards those who support us and the community in general is to respect those delivery time and the quality of our products.

    The miniautres are made of resin and are, as all the gaming material (booklets, cards, pawns, boxes…) is made in France.

    The game will be shipped all over the world.

    Facebook page :

    Forum :

    Store :

    Rules tutorial (French, English is coming with rule book) :


    Have a nice day all.



    Hello everyone, here is the first social stretch goal.

    Like and share the publication on the Facebook page !

    If we reach 200 shares the miniature will be FREE WITH ALL PLEDGES !

    Hello everyone, here is the first social stretch goal. Like and share ! If we reach 200 shares the miniature will be…

    Geplaatst door Astrahys op Maandag 22 oktober 2018

    Template_KS_SG_Locked 38k

    amaros 2 scale

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    Hello everyone,

    we have decided to add a new pledge for this Kickstarter. This pledge gives the possibility to choose two starters of the first wave. We add mercenary stretch goals and wave two exclusives miniatures.

    Have a nice day and thank you for your support !

    nouveau template



    Hello guys,

    we have decided to unlocked many stretch goals to create a great offer !

    what I get

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