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AvP product line will be discontinued after 30 April (Disney Strikes Again LoL)

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion AvP product line will be discontinued after 30 April (Disney Strikes Again LoL)

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    From the Prodos Webpage

    Every story must come to an end and AvP The Hunt Begins is no different. This is last month of AvP product line. To make it a little bit less sour, we have released last two major add-ons and discounted almost every other AvP product.

    Looks Like the licence is expiring…


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    I’m kind of surprised they were allowed to keep the license this long … but then the big corpses move in mysterious ways and are never to be trusted.


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    I think this is the last licenced IP they have, so I wonder if this also means that the last remnant of the Prodos brand name will silently be put out of it’s misery, and that they will be moving forward only under the Archon brand.



    As a Kickstarter backer I received the following e-mail :

    “AvP The Hunt Begins as a retail product is coming to an end on the 30th of April 2019. We will cease sales of all AvP product by the end of the April. Kickstarter fulfilment will work as usual, and shipments will be commenced until all backers receive their packages. Please make sure your pledge manager is closed. Closing Pledge manager means providing us with you up-to-date postage address.”

    I’ve never received anything at all – so not sure what they mean by ‘Kickstarter fulfilment will work as usual’ !!! My postal address has been waiting patiently in the pledge manager for five years now.

    The e-mail also suggests using [email protected], though from past experience I may as well write my message on a post-it note and eat it for all the good it’ll do.

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