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Battlegroup 'Beyond the Beaches' – Counter-attack at Pommenauque

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    400 point Attack/Defend game of Battlegroup Beyond the Beaches ‘Delaying Action’ scenario with US Airborne defending against German Infantry.



    Got off to a dubious start when the Germans first shot was an 80mm Mortar round that landed squarely on the US Airborne medic, removing that option from the US retinue…


    Took a while to bust the US line as Ambush Fire and an MG dug out cut down the first German teams to try and push through. The US 60mm Mortar Team were utter pains, constantly pinning down the 20mm flak SPG as it tried to fire. The US supporting artillery also messed with the Germans when the FOO radio worked… 4 turns of failing, and also failing Comms Team rolls, for TWO observers!


    Was tit for tat for a while, but a rash move by a section of German Asssault Pioneer ended things. They rushed their truck over the bridge, as Bazooka rockets whistled past and jumped out. Their MG team, out first was cut down to a man but the rifle team bailed out and promptly put their flammenwerfer to good use on the MG position…


    The subsequent chits broke the US Airborne battle rating and a German victory was sneakily grabbed by a very rash, but decidedly Germanic, truck rush!


    So a couple of Iron Crosses for the Pioneers and the PIR withdrew to lick their wounds.


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    Nice work

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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