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Battlegroup Torch – Operation Capri

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    Last nights game using Battlegroup Torch was based on 10th Panzer Division during Operation Capri pushing out of the Hallouf valley to capture Metameur.

    British forces counter attack to meet the German advance, and as German commander, I managed to do worse than my historical counterpart!

    The initial British advance secured three of four objectives, thanks to an LRDG patrol, very early on and then managed to form a defence line of armour and infantry, blunting each German attempt to breakthrough. The Germans had no luck at all and lost five vehicles and lost 16 infantry in two blunted attacks, followed by two Panzer III crews abandoning their vehicles in the subsequent British counter thrust.

    The British only took a single casualty in the game, while German losses were nearly 50% of their force. Suffuce tosay the day went to British…




    Your pics aren’t uploading either mate

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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