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Black Sun Miniatures available for Preorder

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    We are offering the Black Sun miniatures created for our recent Kickstarter for $15USD per package as a preorder item until August 19. After this point in time the packages will go offline until we release them at our usual MSRP of $18USD on or after November 1st.

    We have scheduled Nov 1 as the release date because we need to finish some sculpting, do the mould work and then cast and ship the figures. You will get any preordered miniature by November 1st, 2019.

    We are also offering a Buy Five and get one pack free (six packs total) and a Buy Ten and get two packs free (twelve packs total) which also includes free shipping. You must email us with your items if you order one of these specials.

    If you are interested in these new products and would like to support us at the special introductory price please order by clicking below or on one of the pictures. Items that were released previously will still be at the $18USD price. Finally, if you order items that are not part of the release with these new Black Sun Preorder figures we will hold your order until all items can be produced.

    Thanks for joining us in bringing Black Sun to life!

    Go to the Crucible Store to Preorder Black Sun figures.

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