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Celtic Themed Fantasy/Mythology Games/Factions

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    Once, there was Celtos. Once, there were the Celts/Drunes for Confrontation.

    Now, there is only Slaine? 😉

    I ‘m searching for available games or factions with a strong celtic theme, for fantasy(or even sci-fi?) wargaming. All suggestions welcome.


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    There’s the Erin range of miniatures by Alternative Armies based on the invasion cycle. Can’t speak to the game system at all I’m afraid.

    Erin game of Celtic Myth

    Brigade Models has their Celtos range; again, no personal experience of the associated rule set.


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    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Celts for Saga (for example) but I can’t remember the manufacturer. Might be Northstar



    Depending on budget, there’s Mierce as well.

    Look at their Albainn (Picts) and Érainn. They also have Drunes in their Ysian range as well. Recently they’ve moved into the 3D print space, so you can get the range cheaper through MyMiniFactory… you just have to have access to a 3D printer to make it worth it.



    Eh, you can buy historical Celts (Both Victrix and Warlord do Celts in plastic)  and play Broken Legions since they do have Celts.  You could also play a Celtic themed force with any of the generic army list Fantasy  games you want (Dragon’s Rampent, Oathmark, KoW, Saga Age of Magic,etc.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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