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Chaos Dwarfs

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    I just did something I never thought I would and bought a Chaos Dwarf army.

    They appear to be 3D printed knockoffs of the 5th edition WHFB ones, the poses are slightly different, but it would take an expert – or someone armed with the massive 1999 Citadel catalog – to tell the difference. Uniqueness was a major selling point and so was price, they’re priced at 1990s levels….I already have a paint scheme in mind, it’ll be an adjusted version of what’s in the Chaos Dwarf army book (which is actually just a compilation of White Dwarf  articles) from back in the day.

    I always wonder why companies retire miniatures – or even DESTROY molds !!!! – seems to me that there are plenty more than enough people who would gladly keep buying figures from 20, 30 or even more years ago. In fact, the 2 Chaos Dwarf players I knew quit playing altogether when GW killed off their favorite army.



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    I guess if a mold is torn and worn and the company wants to move on with the range then redoing a master mold is really nothing I can see them doing for any reason. Destroying molds on purpose on the other hand. That is just corporate greed.



    The problem is people do stop buying them it becomes unprofitable to keep making them. The molds only last so long before the natural wear and tear of red hot metal being poured into them causes cracks and splits in the mold. At some point the amount of flash and quality of the figures declines to the point they are not able to be used.

    It costs a lot of money to make a new mold so unless you you going to get a return on that money it is not worth making them. they are typically made in batches because it is not cost effective to make them on demand. The other issue is you dont want them taking up space in warehouse if they are going to take a year to sell that batch.

    A new model will make mosty of its sales in the first 2-3 before it has a large drop off. It can increase with expansions or updates to the game but often people either have it or are looking at the new shiny stuff.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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