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Coronavirus: Off-licences added to list of 'essential' retailers..!!!!

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    Coronavirus: Off-licences added to list of ‘essential’ retailers..!!!

    What about us nerds…. to keep our brains sharp we need hobby and toy shops to be open. As you know once the dead are cleaned away, us clever people with our great minds will be needed run this world…

    Ps…. good news for some of the beast of war team on the boozing….



    The fact it was left off initially but bike shops were on there shows that list came via darts in a phone book.


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    But when will they add Plastic/Metal/Resin crack dealers 😉



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    People who need to buy 2 litres of white lightning and 12 cans of special brew are generally doing so because they have run out. People buying miniatures not so much.

    (off licenses do also sell food).


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    So in my state we are mostly shut down but now restaurants that are licensed to serve alcohol usually dont have package as part of that license.  Package being the ability to sell for off site consumption.  First thing the governor did was allow them to sell package with carry out.  The pib down the road from the office had a nice deal on fish n chips and got to carry out a few quality ciders.

    As for our local game stores most closed last week ahead of the closure decree.   My face is doing free shipping and a little extra on sale price.  I really appreciate that they have taken all of this very seriously.



    Same in the US.  In particular my state of CT, if you sell alcohol you have been deemed an “essential business” and are allowed to stay open until 8pm.  The truth is the state makes so much revenue from alcohol taxes they want to keep that revenue stream open.  At the state and local level most government offices are closed except for the tax collecting departments and we get daily reminders that the “tax revenue offices” are open.



    Well, it’s one way for local restaurants to stay afloat. is full of posts to support restaurants via take-out, but a smart restaurant is converting to a grocery pick-up. Seems they can order in bulk, then can distribute food. One reason why we haven’t done Instacart or groery pick-up is that we don’t trust the quality of the produce, and maybe a restaurant (and farmer’s market) will do better, much like the online grocery delivery for organic produce.

    I also guess that drinking at home while eating is better than just drinking alone? I guess it’ll keep people on the couch longer and not go out for a drive to a closed park!


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    @avernos think your being too scientific with that method as it would involve equipment,  like a dart. The official method as done by my employer,  would be to rip all the pages  throw them up in the air and select the ones that fell furthest away.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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