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Dark ages in the Netherlands : Redbad

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    This may be an interesting film as it tells a story that few outside of the Netherlands might have heard.
    The Frysians have always been independent. Even today they have their own language that’s even used by government officials.

    In 754 after Christ the monk Bonifatius was killed at Dokkum (in what was to be the Netherlands), according to historical sources by ‘barbarian’ warriors.
    Is he really murdered by a bunch of bloodthirsty savages or is that just the Christian version of the history?
    That’s the story of Redbad. The violent religious battle that took place at that period plays a prominent role in the film.

    The only downside is that these people shouldn’t be speaking Dutch, but then … I kind of doubt they would have gotten the resources to make this epic.

    Trailer for Redbad :

    Wiki :,_King_of_the_Frisians

    “I’d rather be in hell with my friends, than in heaven with my enemies!” – Redbad

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    And the link to the movie :



    I had heard that it wasn’t get much in the way of advertising, whether or not that was due to internal politics in the Netherlands, or if it is nonsense, but it came to my attention at the weekend. So I’ll be tracking down a copy as soon as I can



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    I found the source of that rumour :

    (don’t worry if you can’t read it … that is what the Frysian language looks like)

    Although that article says it was Facebook it appears to be YouTube, that contacted the creators of the trailer because it was “insensitive towards a group of people”.

    Considering the core of the movie is about the Frysians resisting the conversion to Chritianity by force … well do’h.
    I’m guessing that is a sensitive subject people who don’t understand history (or the fact that Christians during that time weren’t exactly good guys). How much of the story in the movie is true and what isn’t is hard to tell, because although the official records state that Bonifacius was murdered … it isn’t that weird to consider that the events didn’t happen quite as was told.

    More info about the film :

    It looks like the battles won’t be all CGI … (damn I wished I had seen the advert for extras for this one)


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    Oh wow! One of my areas of study at uni was that of the Frankish Empire (Charlemagne up to the  Salian dynasty for the most part). The wars against the Frisians and the Saxons, the fragmentation of the empire and the subsequent civil wars, the impact of viking settlement (and later on, once they had settled, taking sides in the internal conflicts of the Franks) so looking at the bit immediately before all that should be really interesting – looks like a good film! Out of interest, have you seen the recent French film about William the Bastard?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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