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Dice and Easy Games Bitesize Bat Reps is go!

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    And we are out the gates with Game number one on our new channel. Join me Paul  (OTT @dafthelmet85) as I venture into the world of YouTube battle reports with Richard from the Floorhammer Podcast. We aim to being you bite size battle reps from a range of different systems with the focus on the good bits (and bad bits) of the games with the aim of giving you 10mis (ish) gaming goodness for lunch breaks commutes and the quiet time in the smallest room in the house….you know the one!

    <b>What our Epic Scale Orks Vs Imperials Loosely based on the old Final Liberation PC Game.</b> 

    Stick about for Bitesized BatReps you can watch on your lunch break. Share, Like, Subscribe and all that YouTube goodness to help us harness the Algorithms! Or just shout loudly to passing strangers all is good.


    Paul and Rich

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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