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    Dungeon Universalis Announces its Reprint and New Expansions.

    Dungeon Universalis, also known as DUN, is the name of the game that broke all records during its 2018 funding campaign. It was received by backers in Spain at the beginning of this year and 4 months ago by international ones, and since then, many players have described it as the best “dungeon crawler” in the market. A game that is simply endless. It successfully mixes the epics and customization of role-playing games, the mechanics of board games and the tactics of miniature wargames.


    The Figures Speak for Themselves

    In 2018 it was the Spanish game with the most backers in its first edition, both nationally and internationally (60% of the backers were Spanish). It achieved the fastest funding for a major project (35,000 euros in just 20 minutes, more than 100,000 euros during the first day of the crowdfunding campaign). The game weighs no less than 8 kilos. It contains 4 books (Rules, Quests, Special Quests for Heroes, and Bestiary -with an option to purchase a second Bestiary). More than a thousand illustrations. More than a thousand cards, including travel events, spells and equipment for the characters. 318 cardboard standees. 11 resin figures. Hundreds of tiles and overlays representing different types of terrain or elements such as furniture, mirrors or magic fountains. But their possibilities are not only measured in the amount of physical components provided. There are 500 different combinations of heroes, each one of them fully customizable. Thanks to its game system and components, the players can easily represent adventures based on their favorite books and series (The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Warhammer, Dungeons&dragons), or simply get immersed in the background and the narrative campaigns that the game includes. Dungeon Universalis allows players to live adventures on their own or with groups of up to 6 people, against an Artificial Intelligence or against a player that manages the Dark Player, helped by a deck of cards and a budget of points which is balanced with the might of the heroes. These points will allow him to use a range of obstacles and creatures that cannot be matched.


    The Game

    Dungeon Universalis is a Dungeon Crawler for 1 to 6 players. Tactically deep and with real scenario exploration. It has the options of a RPG and the balance of a skirmish game. In addition, its flexible system will allow you to play missions from other games or to use other games’ tiles and miniatures.


    It has several game modes:

    -Standard with a Dark Player: one of the players takes the role of the Dark Player and faces the other players, who will handle the heroes.

    -Cooperative: the Dark Player works as an Artificial Intelligence.

    -Solo: one player, one hero against the Artificial Intelligence.

    -RPG mode: the Dark Player is omniscient in the style of an RPG game master.

    -Open, gridless map: to play scenarios where characters move freely, without grids.


    The author

    Óscar Bribián is a writer born in Huesca and settled in Zaragoza, with several novels published. He is both the game’s author and editor, as well as the founder of Ludic Dragon Games. Passionate about this kind of games, he took advantage of the success of the campaign to create a game made by and for fans of the genre.


    Game APP and Online Games

    Players around the world are already using our free Android/IPhone app. This app allows players to create and save their own characters and games. A few months ago Ludic Dragon Games presented a web portal through which groups of players can play online. This resource is also free, and it only requires for one of the players to have a physical copy of the game. These tools make it easier for players to play with their friends from their homes despite the current COVID situation. A random scenario generator has also been included, which automatically creates random scenarios to be explored.


    Game Delivery

    The delivery of the game has taken place during 2020, unfortunately coinciding with the arrival of the pandemic (in Europe it was delivered in April. In the USA and Canada it arrived in May and June), causing this relaunch to be delayed.



    Target Players, Ratings and Community of Players

    The target audience for the game is players, used to games with a good amount of rules*, since it is an extensive game that, even with simple basic mechanics, has a lot of options and possibilities.

    *Board game players who like Descent (somehow simpler than DUN), Gloomhaven, Kingdom Death Monster, the classic Advanced Heroquest or Warhammer Quest … miniature wargame players and RPG players.

    Lots of enthusiastic messages arrive from the USA, England, Germany, France, Japan, Australia or Mexico. You can see the number of open threads on BGG, as well as the huge amount of material our fans have already produced (the rules have already been translated into French and German, unofficially).

    Player reviews and opinions:

    Extensive reviews can be found on BoardGameGeek:

    Reviews on American channels:

    A 2-minute video with a good number of opinions from players around the world, published on Kickstarter or on forums such as BGG:



    The link to access the campaign is this:

    September 24th has been announced as the date for its international relaunch (in English and Spanish), again through the US funding platform Kickstarter. The number of interested people is rising sharply in both languages. The first edition sold 2,300 copies, even though it was the publisher’s first project and it involved many risks as it was such an ambitious project. After proving that we have been able to deliver a huge game, now we hope to consolidate it and continue to generate enthusiasm in the future with new expansions and other games. For the time being, this relaunch will offer the expansions which have been most requested by players: Bestiary cards, a new adventure book and a new, fun game mode where distrust and betrayals between players will be the main focus.


    Dungeon Universalis

    Canal de Youtube: (Ludic Dragon) LudicDragonDungeonUniversalis
    Esta campaña se centrará en reimprimir el juego, mostrar algunas expansiones e incluir el DUN Basic (un reglamento adicional más sencillo de 32 páginas y totalmente compatible con todos los elementos del juego).


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    Do you have any intention to create more miniatures for the game? In the mean time, and in any case, what scale are they? Do you have any comparison pictures?

    Is it possible to play solo (one player with an ‘AI’ DM/Dark Player)?

    I took a quick look at the English language version of the rulebook. I suggest having a proof reading session as i spotted quite a few minor errors, and some possible areas for clarification.




    About the miniatures, no new miniatures will be included in this campaign, although the ones from the 1st KS will be available as an addon. Manufacturing miniatures could delay the whole process, and we would like to start delivering the game during June/July 2021.

    Yes, it is possible to play solo using the game’s AI (the Artificial Dark Player).


    About the rulebook: the reprint will include a new rulebook revised by native English-speakers and we believe this new version will get as close to perfect as possible.

    Thank you for your interest!

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    Cult of Games Member

    Great. I’ll check out the kickstarter when it’s up and running.

    BTW, the use of the term ‘Artificial’ instead of ‘AI’ is the kind of thing i think needs addressing in a proof read cum edit. ‘Artificial’ isn’t the term i’d be looking for or expect to find in relation to that concept in English.

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