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Dungeons and Diversity, wheelchair D&D minis & STLs + rules (Strata Miniatures)

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    What is Dungeons and Diversity?

    Creating an inclusive and welcoming Roleplaying environment means a great deal to us, so we’d like to say thank you for showing your support. As well as being able to own some unique and lovingly created characters, buying this model will help support disability work with 25% of your purchase being donated to

    We hope our Dungeons and Disability miniatures will brings you many hours of awesome adventures. Part of our passion for these miniatures were fueled by some amazing rules created by Sara (@mustangart)

    Rules and Background:

    If you want to support Sara in creating more rules, why not check out her

    human druid

    elf rogue

    tiefling cleric

    barbarian dwarf

    Edit: the bases shown are 25mm just to give an idea of size/scale if you get the STL you’ll be able to resize if you want to try them larger or smaller  (15mm for Warren?)

    a really neat idea and some good looking renders (hope the casts live up to them) and they’ll certainly help inclusion for some youngsters who want to play a character closer to themselves in physical ability

    I hope it does well enough that they consider expanding the classes/races available



    These are fantastic.


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    Love the dwarf….. Feels like it needs its own game and setting like the kids in the D&D cartoon entering a new world…great work people



    Excellent looking models and an excellent cause. My sister-in-law has EDS and it is always good to see people working to increase awareness.



    I do like the sculpts, but I’m not sure if the rules needed to defend the existence of the wheel chair so agressively.

    The one aspect that is always ignored is the effect of spells like ‘restoration’ and ‘raise dead’ on a society and the healthcare it has available.

    If magic (and miracles) can cure practically anything … then why are there people with disabilities in such a world ?
    Is it simply a matter of money/resources ?
    How do people in such a world view disabilities ?
    Are there regions where it is used as a form of punishment, which means that outsiders get treated differently ?

    And indeed the question no one ever asks : does it need fixing at all ?

    Does a pirate with a peg leg or hook want it to be replaced or does he want to have it as a constant reminder ?

    I’m sure the average cyberpunk game has similar questions to answer …



    You literally only need a permanent “Animate Object” spell.   Thats it.   Handles everything you need it to handle, and its been around since Second Edition.

    Your welcome.



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    The only comments I’d make is that having seen the damage done by Lone Wolf’s baby cart in ‘Shogun Assassin’, and Ivar the Boneless’s chariot in ‘Vikings’ they could have done much more. From a practical point of view, magical pallinquins make far more sense in a dungeon where the ground is uneven and stairs abound but if it adds more players to the table I’ll take it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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