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Editions Sans-Detours losing French Cthulhu licence due to lack of payment

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    I have not seen anything about this on here.

    ESD is the company behind the much-maligned Confrontaion Classics kickstarter from which I myself withdrew due to the massive amount of red flags. Here seems to be another. A rather large one at that. Not paying royalties since 2016 including a crowdfunder in 2017?

    Hysterical Games was named as the resin casting company for the Confrontaion KS a few months ago, but are now suddenly winding down due to cash flow problems.

    One can only speculate if these items are connected in any way.



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    Definitely looks like that would be a large enough project to put somebody under if the bills weren’t paid. It sucks that the potential damage done to Hysterical would fall onto the heads of other creators. It sucks that the industry has been dealt this blow by the piss poor management of one company.



    despite their rampant fuckery of late I am sorry to see ESD go. For years when nothing decent was being released in English from Chaosium I would look at the French and German language editions and feel incredibly jealous. The CoC products they have released over the years are fantastic to say the very least. It’s good that Chaosium have found a new French licensee to work with and that they are actively trying to resolve something so KSer backers don’t lose out.

    But all that being said ESD really do seem to have made some very bad decisions of late, my only hope is that they don’t pull other companies down with them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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