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Eisenhorn TV show by Big Light Productions in development

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    Yes you read that right, Big Light Prdouctions currently has a Inquisitor Eisenhorn tv sho in develeopment.

    You can read about it here on the Warhammer Community website and here is the full press release.
    Very interesting to say the least, we will see if it ever comes to TV and if it is any good.

    But I’d say it’ about time we get a 40K show.



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    Just saw the announcement too, really looking forward to it!


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    This is awesome news. And thank Hell it’s not Space Marines!! They may be iconic but they’re so difficult to make interesting beyond the battlefield.

    Eisenhorn is perfect. The books really showed the more interesting side of the 40k universe. I hope this series is as dark as it should be.

    No talk of cast yet but I’d love to see Mark Strong in the main role.



    I must admit that I’m rather sceptical.

    The problem, at least as I see it, is that 40K is a very brutal setting. And I can’t really see them maintaining that brutality without getting a mature rating.

    The only other option is to kiddify it. For example like Clone Wars did, with lightsabers just leaving a slightly smudged texture on whoever it hit, rather than cutting them in two.


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    Do you think they’ll want to avoid a Mature rating? Series with brutal content have been doing really well. I’m hoping the fact they’ve gone with Eisenhorn is a sign they want things darker.

    If they wanted a kids friendly series they could have had Marines blasting Necrons and being killed in bloodless flashes of Gauss lightning.



    Well this is interesting. They better not mess this up like they did with that CGI movie about Ultramarines.


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    Eisenhorn is perfect for tv. He has a very natural character arc over the three books plus he’s very grimdark.

    He doesn’t have any facial expression because he kept smiling while being tortured.

    On Hubris when the cryogenic pods were defrosting he thought about putting them out of their misery but didn’t because he didn’t want to deal with the paperwork and inquiry that would come with it.

    His true love is a blank and he can never be with her because she physically repulses him since he’s a psyker.

    Most of his luck and good fortune comes from a Daemon who is keeping him alive since the daemon foresees him being released by Eisenhorn, Eisenhorn then tricks the Daemon and binds it forever.

    He killed a Chaos Space Marine

    Inquisotr Voke is a Beast. Him storming House Glaw will be epic and it’s not even the finale.

    And that’s just Book One.


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    I’m hoping they stick as much as they can to the source material, it shouldn’t be too difficult to cover all three books without dragging it out for years. Who knows, if it sparks interest in the universe we could be looking at Gaunt eventually, or Ravenor would be the obvious follow-up.

    My only worry is the religious overtones will likely cause much controversy, and it’ll be difficult to avoid if they want to stay true.


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    If it’s a TV show I would hope they plug for one season a book. Nice delimited parts of the story without dragging in out forever.

    I just have to wander whether Dan is going to be an executive producer on this to keep it in line with the mythos. I enjoyed The Man in the High Castle but I’ve never read the book so not sure what the track record of the show runners is in authentically translating from the page to the screen.

    Like other before me I just hope they don’t water this down for broader consumption. 40K’s appeal (to me at least) is based on the fact that it is as grim dark as it is and it does handle more sensitive topics. Though @flatberry, I have always taken 40K to be less “religion is bad, okay” and more “this is what happens when the idea of religion goes bad” so I live in hope they may be able to get through this without another Satanic Panic.


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    So it’s just in development. It doesn’t mean that it will be produced. It is a long way from that. The script writing has to be good and then a television or streaming service will need to pick it up before it gets produced. If it does get produced we probably won’t see it till 2021 or 2022.



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    I haven’t read Eisenhorn, but I figure an inquisitor would be a good choice for a mystery story. Shows such as Stranger Things and The Expanse start small and ease the audience into a gripping mystery with plenty of WTFOMG moments before getting too deep into the really weird stuff.


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    @warworksdk if you haven’t read the Eisenhorn novels, they’re nowhere near as brutal as the setting where there is “only war”.  They’re no more brutal than any modern cop drama, which is kind of what the Eisenhorn books really are but on a grander scale

    @flatbattery I don’t think Ravenor is a great character for TV because he lives in his weird protective bubble. Bequin however, she could make a decent followup.  And being female she ticks boxes for Progressive Hollywood types.

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