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End of Guildball

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    Just seen on FB that SFG have killed off Guild Ball




    Damn, perhaps this is just the first of a series to be seen. The fact that it was coming to an end soon anyway is good because they were ready for closure of that door.


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    As I posted on Discord : they probably ran out of steam 😉

    The concept was great, but I think they also kind of ran out of ideas / painted themselves in a corner with the teams.
    Even without the competitive angle that kind of put a hard limit on what they could do as each team had to be unique in style.

    It’s not like Blood Bowl where any team is simply the result of taking the average grunt in a Warhammer Fantasy faction and presto … instant ‘team’.  At best there is a bit of tweaking as to how many of each role are in a specific faction, but that’s usually down to what a specific faction is good (or bad) at.

    GB had specific synergies between team members and overal tactics that were unique.
    Once you ‘get’ how a team works the only thing stopping you is an opponent of similar talent.

    6 years is a pretty good achievement to be honest.
    Most games barely survive year one of their launch.
    And the ones that do tend to be milked for all they’re worth after a few seasons (Zombicide, Settlers of Catan)

    It’s always sad when things end, but I think it is always best when it is a concious decision instead of a sudden death.
    Sure Covid-19 played its part in making it happen a bit sooner than intended, but that was something no one could predict.
    I do wonder how many competitive games will suffer as a result.


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    Quite surprising, I thought GB was doing comparatively well.

    I completely understand the fans frustration, but in my opinion it’s much better for a company to announce end of support like this instead of the slow death many games have to suffer. Now GB players know there is the last chance to grab the original models, and if there is a will, the community can take over and continue maintaining the rules and the lore.


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    Sorry to see it go…

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