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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare 3D Print, Liberty Prime & The Institute!

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    Just received the newsletter:


    Today we’re delighted to announce the release of an intriguing new miniature for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the Corvega Coupe, a brand new scenery feature to bring fresh colour to the Wasteland. What’s so unusual about it? Well this is our first 3D printed model and you’ll be able to download the STL files and print this coupe out all for yourself from our store at DriveThruRPG/Wargame Vault.

    The abandoned wrecks of civilian vehicles are often found scattered throughout the wasteland. Whether teetering off the soaring flyover freeways or burned out on winding country roads, these forlorn reminders of lost civilisation provide handy cover when the bullets start flying.


    Requires a 3D printer and understanding of 3D printing to make. This is a digital file and NOT a physical model.

    1 x Coupe scenery piece.
    Digital STL files
    32mm scale.
    Assembly required.
    No base included.
    This product is designed to be used for games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

    We hope you’ll take the chance to explore this and 3D printing technology and if it’s a success, we look forward to releasing more 3D printed scenery for you in the near future.

    Why not drop by the Facebook Fallout: Wasteland Warfare group or use the hashtag #modiphiuspainting on Twitter to show off your printed, painted Coupes in all their glory?

    Tell us what you think of this in the Fallout forum and maybe there’ll be more 3D wasteland files coming your way! For those without access to a 3D printer we are considering making this in resin so watch this space!


    Liberty Prime is back in production and we’re expecting another drop from production later this month so make sure to click the green I WANT THIS tab on the left and add your email to the list so you get emailed when they’re back in stock.


    A whole new faction are coming to your wasteland next month are you ready? We’ll be talking about them more in the next update along with news of some fantastic new settlement scenics, but here’s a preview of info on one of the last Dev Blogs. You can expect the usual core box, expansion and character set along with the Wave 3 Institute card deck which brings lots of new Synth themed options to your table.

    What’s that about an Automatron Dogmeat…?


    The results are in for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Scenario competition and Michael Orona is our winner for his scenario “R.I.P Carl Wallace”. He wins $250 of Modiphius Store credit! Our 3 runner up winners are Teemu Salminen, Simon Sterz and Alec Birchall who all win $50 of Modiphius store credit!

    Thomas Arnold is the winner of our Fallout Wasteland Warfare The Roleplaying Adventure competition for his adventure “Entrée Denied”. He wins $250 in Modiphius Store credit! We also want to congratulate Torsten Sprunck and Cameron Cudahy for winning the runners up prize of $50 of Modiphius store credit!

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and look out for more over the horizon! We’ll be posting these in the forum shortly for you to download and try out for yourself. We’ll be hosting another similar design competition soon so get creative and write up your missions to share!

    In other news from Modiphius…

    The Strange New Worlds mission compendium for Star Trek Adventures is available now here.
    Play a game in your store and win a copy of Star Trek Adventures Strange New Worlds & $150 for your FLGS! Competition details here.
    Star Trek Adventures: Alpha Quadrant is available for purchase here.
    You can purchase classic German fantasy RPG’s Torg & The Dark Eye as part of the Ulisses Spiele collection.
    You can plot against your friends with the Crusader Kings boardgame available now.
    The Jagged Alliance boardgame based on the classic turn based video game is also available now.

    That’s it for today, hope you’re enjoying the wasteland!

    Chris, Modiphius


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