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Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Preview Party

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    This Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to attend the preview party for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, jointly put on by Modiphius and Bethesda, in the Server Loading Bar in London.  It was limited to 60 tickets plus some press passes and I’m very glad I snagged a ticket!


    (Apologies for photo quality, I was waving my phone around like a loon, not really expecting to do anything with the pictures!)

    There was a warm welcome from the Bethesda rep who made sure we had a ticket and introduced us to the event.  First port of call was an area where a load of Fallout and Bethesda merch was piled up with a mandate to “help yourself”.  Don’t need to tell me twice – badges, stickers, dog tags and all sorts went into the bag!  There was a bar tab if you wanted soft drinks or the nuclear green “Fallout cocktail”, and a good sized area was set up with 3 demo tables, a diorama, and projector screens.  There were at least 8 Modiphius staff on hand to demo the game, chat about it and generally whip up excitement.  Head honcho Chris Birch was there, as was the lead game designer James Sheahan, who were both great to chat to.


    We got straight on a demo table with the excellent Red Rocket terrain set (made by Battle Systems), where we had a three turn scenario of Super Mutants vs Survivors.  The scenario demonstrated not only the combat system but also the wasteland exploration and adventure side of the game.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting my pre-order and have read all the rules.  The only thing I was nervous about prior to playing was whether the dice mechanics were too complex.  There are a variety of custom dice providing various potential effects, and sometimes you roll quite a handful of them.  These fears were allayed however as we picked up the game really quickly, and the dice rolls were fast, easy to parse and intuitive because the unit and weapon cards allow you to quickly grab the right dice and easily apply the effects.  The game really felt like Fallout and the fact that the plan is for story/adventure to be the main focus for this game going forwards is very exciting.


    After an hour or so, Chris Birch took to the “stage” to talk about the game and preview the upcoming releases.  There were a lot of slides showing some of the content through waves 2 and 3.  I won’t post them all here as there were loads.








    They were also running a simple game where three players took a super mutant each and took on the Modiphius demonstrator with 3 Alien Zetans.  Kill the aliens and win an alien each.  Due to the kindness of the staff, there were quite a few aliens leaving the building at the end of the night 😉

    Overall such a great evening and I’m now even more hyped for my goodies to arrive!


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    Awesome! I wish I could’ve been there and I can’t wait for my stuff either.


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    I’ve managed to paint my Alien Zetan this evening. Back to waiting now!!


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