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Firefly Reboot not as bad as thought – one Solo opinion

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    I just came from the cinema and watched Solo. The release actually went past me completely and it was only when I checked to see when it was due out, that I realised that it has been running for 4 weeks.

    The cinema website tagged it as a space western and I immediately thought: wait that is Firefly. And sure enough, half of the film I had to think Firefly. There was the war, the train job, the crazy villain, a loving crew, the pretty girl with an objective of get own, the good hearted rebel.

    Anybody had the same impression? I still liked the film, but it really felt like a weird mix of the two worlds.


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    You had me thinking Firefly had a reboot!



    Now that I think about it, after you pointed out all those similarities, I agree it is a similar story. No Chinese slang but that was kinda pointless in firefly (IMO) anyway. I liked Solo but it was kinda like watching a checklist of the various things we know about Solo. Not sure if there was anything they could do to alleviate that feeling.



    Me too 😮

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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