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First play Sails of Glory

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    For those who dont know whilst helping out OTT at Games Expo I brought a copy of Ares Games ‘Sails of Glory’ mainly for the pre painted 1/1oooth pre painted ships. @brucelea pointed out that with a wash of dip they came out with a really good professional looking model. Know have not had time for that with my on going FOW projects but last night we did get a chance to play our 1t game with basic rules.

    I read the rules whilst group members Kevin and Pete played the  British and French starter box ships.

    Firstly the game does not use dice , random chits lettered dependant on range , ammo type etc are drawn for damage on ships firing broadsides with some being no damage.

    Movement cards are used in a similar way to the air game, with card packs differing for ship size , the cards that can be picked are effected by the wind direction , plus each ship has a manoeuvre rating(not used on basic rules) , preventing it from using certain cards in that pack depending on that rating and what manoeuvre it completed in previous move.

    We managed to finish the game in an evening playing just the basic rules which give players a chance to learn the basic shooting and movement.

    We intend to play it again with Standard rules adding the manoeuvre rating, planning ahead  and different shell types next week. I’ll add some photos of game as was too busy flicking through the rules to check everything to do it last night.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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