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    I bought a few meshes from creators on Patreon. Many of them look great and print easily. Some of them look amazing, but are a mess of multiple-part meshes that create all kind of artifacts and isolated internal shapes. Getting them to print was a nightmware! Then, this evening, I found this online tool:

    I gave it one of the worst models I had. I’d spent nearly two hours in Blender trying to make it a single solid mesh, using boolean operations, MeshMixer to solidify and all kinds of other tools. None of them worked. This web-based service did.

    Three minutes feels like forever when you’re waiting for a web server to finish processing a file. But it’s much faster (and easier) than trying to fix it yourself!


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    Good to know.
    Have you tried MS 3d builder? This is Windows 10 app, I guess preinstalled with the system itself, @elessar2590 recommended it to me several months ago and since then I haven’t found model this simple app couldn’t fix. I wonder it does against that web service (it seems faster from what you write).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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