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    KORE has just launched a new kickstarter for a range of science fiction vehicles, predominantly street vehicles and flying or hover vehicles. There’s some really awesome looking stuff in this range and it’s perfect for anyone playing Infinity or Reality’s Edge and would probably work equally well in a game like Deadzone or Warpath. Or maybe you are just playing a sci-fi RPG and need a few vehicles for that.

    As well as some awesome looking cars, many of which are inspired by movie and films, there’s a couple of other really awesome looking models like the coach and the advertising blimp. Kickstarter prices are roughly 20% of retail (according to kickstarter page) so backing on Kickstarter is a good way to pick up the larger vehicles at a really good price.

    Vehicles are available in 3 scales, 6mm, 15mm and 28heroic/32mm (they lean towards the larger side). To get the 6mm vehicles there is a single pledges that get you all the vehicles as a single bundle. For 15mm and 32mm vehicles pledge at the £1 level and add additional funds based on the vehicles you want to buy, prices are shown on the page.

    I was lucky enough to be given a couple of early prototypes to paint and I think they’re great models.

    My favourite is definitely the Manta sports car.  The final product will have adjustable fins so you can reposition the engines, mine was a prototype 3D print and was static. But it is still a really nice looking model.




    Above the filthy Streets, shady corporate characters conduct shady under the table deals. 

    And I also got a Happy Burger van. Unfortunately I didn’t take any proper photos of this one but there is also a Chef Bot inside the vehicle ready to serve up a lovely portion of whatever street food is sold in your sci fi setting of choice (solent green is people!).



    Queues for Happy Burger Inc. are a common sight.  Exactly what is in those burgers is the subject of many conspiracy theories but its probably just insect protein, right? 

    I think it’s great to see stuff like this as I think they really help bring a table to life. They turn a collection of line of site blocking objects into a believable location.

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    Very cool. Reminds me of the old Grenadier resin vehicles.


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    Solid painjob but the models look very dated IMHO.



    Love the old school sci-fi aesthetic of these!


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    @sundancer there is a deliberate amount of retro styling in there, they’re inspired quite heavily by 80’s and 90’s (and in one case, 60’s!) sci fi, so I agree that some of them do look a little dated. You can’t see it in the pictures here but the robo-chef miniature in the burger van is clearly inspired by the taxi driver from Total Recall. But I also think some of them, like the Police Interceptor, look super hi-tech. There is a mixture.

    Personally I am not a fan of the Caddyshaq new York cab. But on the other hand I love the advertising blimp, police car and the coach.  And of course the Manta.


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    Here is the link to the kickerstarter that I stupidly left out of the original post.


    Future Vehicles, via @Kickstarter


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    @deartonyblair Very much so

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    Thanks for sharing, seem like a good Terrain for me, even infinity it´s fought in cyberpunk cities where these are the best alternative to containers or boxes.


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    @luisjoey for me it’s about having a mixture of boxes AND vehicles. I like my tables to have a sense of realism.

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