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    Does anyone know of gel paint stripper that they’ve found useful for focused paint removal?

    I know that there are great paint strippers out there for general overall work on minis and I’m happy with the ones I use now but this latest project has made me aware that sometimes I might need to use another tool to attack smaller areas on an overall painted figure.


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    Since I use a hand sanitizer to strip and those are in gel form available as well… maybe that can work? But I never tried.


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    I’ve used NitroMors and Ronseal gels before. They work, but the way i did it was to totally cover the minis. Not sure if they could be used to strip only certain bits of a mini. The fumes might mess up surrounding paintwork.


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    I’ve used nitomors on funture but never on model’s I think metal models will be ok but plastic an resin may melt you may be safer using a dremal.

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    Biostrip 20 is what you’re after, non toxic and does an amazing job.


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    Yeah. Nitromors will melt plastic and probably resin too. For metal minis only.


    Looking over stuff I think that the Biostrip 20 might be the gel I could work with. I’ve been using straight up Simple Green or Purple Power (a harsh but effective degreaser) but this might be a better solution to even get at enamel. I’ve come to own and work with more lead figures from bygone days before acrylic was used widely so it might be effective for the size of the tub do go that route.

    I did a cursory search and saw what kind of results were possible and this compelled me to try that stuff out.


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    That’s a great video I’ll need to keep a note of that biostrip 20 and was watching the film thinking i use throw away electric tooth brushes the bristles get narly way before the battery go’s so may be a better way to get the details clean?


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    Could be something useful for you here. Some of the products are from stateside but it’s testing on plastics.

    He makes the point the make and colour of paint has and affect as well as the cleaner.

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    Yep, I’ve seen that video by Goobertown Hobbies. The info is good. Like you see in the video the Simple Green and the Super Clean results are what I’m getting now with acrylics. I get similar on enamels after a while but it takes s bit more scrubbing.

    Now looking at the Stegadon again I’m half tempted to get one since I feel that little boy part of me jump for joy seeing what is essentially an over-the-top triceratops.

    Thanks, all. I’ll get on to the Biostrip 20 for my next project needs. This current one has been salvaged with a little deep breathing, calm music and repainting.



    biostrip, the £5 sample bottle on the website is ideal for spot application, just use a qtip

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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