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Getting into the DC Universe Miniatures Game: questions from the curious

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    Greetings. I was looking for information on the game but it seems there are few if any active DCU communities out there. Except facebook and i’m purposely avoiding that. I had some Marvel minis but never got to assembling them, selling them off before a move… annoyed the Marvel license was lost. I also greatly love DC. And i’m interested in picking some stuff up to paint but also get a game or so in casually. (no players locally so i’d need to pick up the sets myself) I do have a lot of questions:

    1) I’m big on Power Armor (Doom and Luthor are easily among my favourite villains. And Warmachine/Iron Man among my favourite heroes) But how many points is in the DCU Lexcorp starter? And is it worth picking up that old pack with 3 normal Lextroopers in it + civillian Luthor? I love the suit look and the pose holding Kryptonite. Would picking up those 2 sets make a good well rounded out force? How many points? And would it be able to tackle the tougher cookies out there? Can I even double up on the Lexcorp soldiers or is that illegal in the system?

    2) Would Lexcorp be too aimed at fighting Superman? Are they effective against other groups?

    3) I like the look of Zod’s set but is it worth pitting them against Lexcorp? I take it they can’t team up with Superman?

    4) Are there specific sets you recommend to pit against Lexcorp for a balanced game?

    5) Deadshot is among my favourite villains and I used to read Suicide Squad a lot. How many pts is their starter?

    6) And… scenery. I have a lot of 28mm stuff but few buildings and not at a 35mm scale. Does it sorta work with 40K sized scenery or would it just fall flat?

    7) And the last question I got. I’m a huge Azrael fan. I noticed they currently have only Knightfall Azrael up for sale. And only via the webstore at that. Is he any good? And there is no ‘evil’ (red) version rules for him? I saw some older models come with (updated?) statcards and he seemed only affiliated with the forces of Order.

    Many thanks for whoever feels like reply to my cavalcade of questions!

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