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Guild Wars 2… The End Is Nigh… For some of us

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    Guild Wars 2 will no longer be supported on Mac from 18th February this year. And by not supported they mean that the mac client won’t work anymore.

    Been playing it since it launched, first on pc then Mac. Admittedly  I play a lot less now, but I log in to see if I can complete the daily in under 5 minutes, or when they do a new release.

    My windows pc should still run it, but it’s old and clunk and been in the loft for a few years.

    Suppose it’s time to bid farewell to the game, but I’m annoyed that they’re dumping mac owners with so little notice


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    That’s poor, it’s such a fun game. Presumably they just didn’t have an active enough user base but it still sucks. I played for the first few years but fell off around the second expansion. I know they were working on a Steam version last I heard



    The official announcement from ArenaNet

    Fire Attunement.9835 ArenaNet ›
    January 8, 2021 edited January 8, 2021
    Hello Tyrians. We want to share an update on Mac support for Guild Wars 2.

    When we launched in 2012, we knew we wanted Guild Wars 2 to be available to players on Mac computers. A lot has changed in the PC space in the past eight years, and recently we’ve taken a fresh look at our continuing support on Mac given some hardware changes Apple has recently made.

    In 2018, Apple ended support for the OpenGL graphics technology that Guild Wars 2 uses on the Mac. While games and other software that rely on OpenGL still work for now, Apple has made it clear that this will not always be the case in new OS versions. They have also stopped actively fixing problems on Mac OS related to OpenGL, including graphics hardware driver issues. Earlier in 2020, Apple announced that future Mac computers will be designed around a different chip technology than the Intel processors used today. For now, OpenGL still works, and existing Mac computers based on Intel chips still work as well. At some point in the future, however, OpenGL may simply no longer be included on Mac systems at all, and the differences in chip hardware will make it very costly and difficult for us to support both the old and new processor designs.

    Starting February 18 , we will be discontinuing support for the Mac OS version of Guild Wars 2. This means the Mac client will no longer work after this date. We will also be turning off Gem purchases in the Mac version of the game beginning on January 19, the date of our next build in the new year.

    We still would love to see you in Tyria and want to do everything we can to help–and there are a few things we want you all to know:

    We will not close any accounts based on what platform(s) you have played on. Your account remains fully independent of what computer you play on. All of your characters, progress, purchases, friends, and memories are already accessible via the Windows version of the game, and will remain so.
    For the time being, Mac users can still play Guild Wars 2 using the Nvidia GeForce Now service while streaming over the Internet. Moreover, we are interested in feedback from all of our players about such services.
    Mac players can request refunds for client or gem store purchases through the customer support portal. We will be able to refund purchases within a 30 day window of the refund request.
    Thank you all for exploring and enjoying Tyria along with us.



    My mac is too old for Nvidia Geforce Now sadly, so looks like I’m out of the game until I get a new computer.

    I was considering buying a “2 in 1” laptop so I could use as tablet too, but that’s a really expensive option with windows for one that can handle some gaming.

    If older macs still work I don’t see why they have to drop support for all macs, but I guess 2649 hrs over the last 3069 days (over 8 years) is enough time wasted on one game.



    Really sad that it will not be supported on Mac.

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    As a dev myself, this is yet another example of Apple’s high-handedness, forcing small and independent companies to conform to their new standards no matter what the cost to the little guys. Games are hard enough to support, but Apple consistently changes their rules on both hardware and software standards. They have all the money so you conform to them… or else. Apple really only cares that your game runs in their App store so they get their ridiculous cut when you buy a product. Games like Guild Wars 2 fall outside their store so that is why you don’t see as many games like this available on a Mac.

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