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GW contrast paints and fleshtones?

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    I’m not sure that the contrast paints are the answer to everything, but…..

    I’ve noticed they’ve also brought out the undercoat in paint pots (and not just the spray cans). So I’m wondering if this is the answer to selective parts of a good paint job.

    Just wondering how well they do at doing flesh tones (as this always takes me AGES), has anyone here used the paint range to do normal “human” flesh tones and how did it turn out (also what paints did you use, and have you tried any other flesh tones besides Caucasian)?



    I use nearly exclusively Citadel paints and never had an issue with flesh tones




    Hmmm, they might be ok, but after testing out the contrast paints my opinion of them is they are just literally ok.

    If you have a horde of models you don’t care about too much they are good to clear them out quick. Or if you utterly despise painting and only paint out of necessity then sure they are ok.

    But if you want to be a better painter I would suggest giving them a miss. If you want to get better at skin tones, and painting skin in general (still a difficult are for myself) I would recommend youtube tutorials and exploring some different techniques.

    The contrast paints might look decent enough depending on the colour and model, but they won’t skill you up as a painter.




    I think like every other paint range and dips and washes etc these will have their uses  in combination with other products

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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